How to Spend $40M, Pt. 1

[Updated 2/5/15]

Hickory has been trying hard of late to show that it is not a place where innovation goes to die. The proof is in the pudding, which is still being concocted, but in the mid-term election the community gave the city a vote of confidence by passing the Boost Hickory bond referendum for $40 million. Now that the wheels of government and community involvement are slowly beginning to turn (hear the grinding of the gears?), we’re already starting to see some troubling signs in the implementation of the Boost Hickory plan. As reported this week in the Hickory Daily Blotter Record, the Boost Hickory campaign team missed their third and final financial reporting deadline, and our illustrious mayor has found himself in hot water over reimbursements he received from the campaign for signs he purchased from a third party vendor as a “middleman” on the campaign’s behalf, as well as making an unreported $1,200 in-kind donation of banners from his own business that were not even in compliance with election size requirements. (His excuse? His company makes “vurry, vurry few” political signs.)  Are we having fun yet?

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