2 thoughts on “Stuck With the Stink

  1. Another thought-provoking piece, Lamar. Enjoyed it a lot (if that is the right word!), and was nodding in agreement throughout, I can at least assure you that you’re definitely not alone in the dangerous, and bizarre world that is Trumpland. That ending clip is, I’m sure, appropriately prophetic. I am honestly, by the way, finding it harder to cope with this brave new world, than 30 years of Troubled Ulster. Unsettling to feel like that … but aye, as your Beckett said, once again: “You must go on. I can’t go on. I’ll go on.: And that quote is from a book, as you know, with a apt title for our new leader of our now deeper swamp – The Unnamable. Cheers, Adrian.


    • Adrian, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. This is high praise indeed from someone of your caliber. Ulster! But of course you would have invaluable perspective on how to endure political turbulence far worse (and deadlier) than what we’re now facing in the US. It’s a horrifying thought that today’s situation worries you more than when living through the Troubles. We would be wise to pay attention and take this joke of a political figure seriously. Indeed, moreso now than ever, Beckett continues to be a guide on how to live in the face of futility and absurdity.


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