My Spotify Year

As a music hound and obsessive seeker of new, heart-pounding sounds in rock and roll (one of the mysteries of the modern world is how musicians continue to come up with new sounds and songs from the same three chords), I’ve always believed that the objective of collecting all these albums (I was never a singles guy) was to build a permanent storage of music that I could get my hands on whenever I wanted, in the event the music becomes obscure or goes out of print. However, over the years I have slowly been disabusing myself of the notion that the music I collect must exist as a physical thing, these days either a vinyl or plastic disc. At a time when nearly any album is available at the click of a button, it doesn’t make much sense to collect plastic discs that cost money, take up space, require shelves and cabinets,  or organizational system (trust me, every music geek has one). Enter Spotify, which has essentially halted my music purchasing and downloading in its tracks. Spotify, one of the most popular of the music streaming services that have been cropping up, is like listening to a radio station over the internet, only you’re the programmer, DJ and announcer of your own station. Oh yeah, and no commercials (if you subscribe to the premium service)! I’ve become so enthralled with the possibilities of this technology that I’m embarking on an experiment to see how many purchases and downloads I can eliminate this year.

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